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The integral solution to the connection

CELE is a company whose purpose is: Manufacture and assembly wire harness, fiber optic and auxiliary cabibets. Wire harness integration in a electrical and electronic cabinets. Renewable energies, CELE is certified by the UNE-EN-ISO-9001 for the design, manufacturing, maintenance and installation of photovoltaic systems.

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Founded in 1992, CELE was created to support the two major market lines currently required by the professional sectors: The distribution of connectors for the electrical and electronic markets, and the manufacturing and assembly of wiring, optical fibre, and auxiliary equipment.

All products and services developed at CELE share the fact that they suit out clients’ needs and requirements as well as ensuring they adjust to the different market demands and changes. CELE’s entire team is committed to meeting all the requirements and continuously improve at all levels across the company’s hierarchic organization. This is backed up through the development and maintenance of our Quality Management System which complies with all of the ISO 9001-2000 Standard requirements.

Wire harness and interconnection


For networking and wiring manufacture following our clients’ requirements, CELE currently has state-of-the-art machinery available that helps with the production under high quality standards.


Electrical and electronic assemblies


CELE has a highly qualified for any kind of assembly of electrical cabinets, control, sets and both mechanical and electrical subassemblies team.


Data collection and processing


Currently, CELE has a wide range of products distribution for both military and civil applications, with very high quality standards and competitive prices.




CELE develops turnkey projects with services ranging from wiring and networking to electrical and electronic installations, to data collection and processing. 


Medium voltage equipment sales


The equipment supplied is the following: 11KV, 24KV, 36KV medium voltage switchgears, power transformers, both dry-type and oil filled…


Integration, e-house, electrical rooms


Transformation centres. Transformation centres with inverters. Battery centres. Battery centres. Substation cut-off, control, and management rooms…


Enclosures photovoltaic solar energy


All kinds of DC string combiner boxes. “Custom design” cabinets. AC hubs cabinets. Electrical rooms for substations. Electrical control rooms.